Anyone Can be Anyone on the Internet

The Texas State Securities Board is warning investors about a growing number of online investment schemes in which bad actors impersonate registered, licensed firms. These impersonation schemes are growing more and more sophisticated as scammers more efficiently leverage technology to defraud the public. Investors need to be aware – and beware – of these schemes.… [Continue]

Inherited IRAs and What to Do With Them

IRA Basics The Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, may be one of the best tools the average investor has to build wealth in a tax and cost-efficient manner. An IRA gives the investor a tax break when they contribute to it. Put one dollar in an IRA and you reduce your taxable income by one… [Continue]

Is a 529 College Savings Plan Right for You?

If you have kids or grandkids running around, one thought that might have crossed your mind is paying for their college education. After all, education is an important factor in their long-term success and stability. It is also increasingly expensive. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that the cost of college has increased from… [Continue]

The 5 Fundamentals of Financial Fitness

Some things are fundamental. They are the basic skills and habits that should be mastered before moving on to more complex things. Every doctor will promote a well-balanced diet and exercise as part of the fundamentals for healthy living. Eating well and a consistent exercise program can go a long way towards reducing or eliminating… [Continue]

5 Reasons a Retainer-Based Business Model Makes Sense

Steve Swicegood’s article on the value of a retainer-based practice from the February 2021 edition of FPA’s Next Generation magazine: