5 Reasons a Retainer-Based Business Model Makes Sense

Steve Swicegood’s article on the value of a retainer-based practice from the February 2021 edition of FPA’s Next Generation magazine: https://www.financialplanningassociation.org/article/NGP/FEB21-5-reasons-retainer-based-business-model-makes-sense

GameStop Goes Viral!

Did you hear GameStop went viral? Here’s a quick guide to the market frenzy you’re seeing in the headlines. Long post ahead. (Buckle up, it’s a little complicated.) What is GameStop and why does everyone care? GameStop is a brick-and-mortar video game chain that hit hard times in the pandemic. Like many distressed companies, it… [Continue]

Recent Market Volatility

August 2019 In recent days the increase in volatility in the stock market has resulted in renewed anxiety for many investors. While it may be difficult to remain calm during a substantial market decline, it is important to remember that volatility is a normal part of investing. Additionally, for long-term investors, reacting emotionally to volatile markets may… [Continue]

Key Questions for the Long-Term Investor

July 2019 Whether you’ve been investing for decades or are just getting started, at some point on your investment journey you’ll likely ask yourself some of the questions below. Trying to answer these questions may be intimidating, but know that you’re not alone. Your financial advisor is here to help. While this is not intended to be an… [Continue]

Timing Isn’t Everything

July 2019 Over the course of a summer, it’s not unusual for the stock market to be a topic of conversation at barbecues or other social gatherings. A neighbor or relative might ask about which investments are good at the moment. The lure of getting in at the right time or avoiding the next downturn… [Continue]